Battle In The Streets

Wir (Wednesday), Dravago (May) 18th,

The crowd parts to reveal none other then your new friend Enlo who has brought with him a contingent of Lyrander men and Fairhaven militia. He is intent on recovering what belongs to his House and free Ishon. A loud explosion interrupts your parlay. Kayal’s Bread Shop has gone up in flames. It is a mere diversion for another party, The Dark Dagger gang, who also have an interest in the information you have obtained from Ishon. Brokering a quick deal with Enlo you fight off the Dark Daggers but leave on no better terms with Enlo. The information Ishon held no longer belongs to House Lyrander alone and Enlo is all too aware of this.

Having accomplished your task, the next morning you return to your contact, Valer, the cyrstal vendor and River Elf in the market. He encourages you to investigate further by going to the University and looking for information there, following up on Ishon’s lead.



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