Business in Fairhaven

Zor, Dravago (May) 13th, 998 C.Y.

Some time later your dragonshard pendant yields a soft glow. Looking closely within you can read the words, “Report to 980 Mark Street in Fairhaven by Sul, the 25th of Nymm.” Interested or just needing work you hurry to Fairhaven where you are reunited with some familiar faces.

On a dreary and rainy night, you all meet with Burris Atwater at his warehouse on the river. The top floor is a comfortable living suite overlooking the water. Lightning flashes outside and rain hammers against the window. Burris describes himself as a trader and transporter of goods. However, he also acts as a broker of sorts, putting important clients in contact with “folks who can get things done.” He leaves and but not before introducing you to your new employer.

“I appreciate you meeting with me. My name is Onar Baird. I work for the Wayfinder Foundation. I have been tasked with finding a band of mercaneries that can partake in a delicate matter. Though I know little of your past work, you come recommended and I’m pressed for time. I need you to find this man.” Onar reaches into a pouch and withdraws a small cylindrical object, similar to a jewelry loupe. He rolls it across the table. “You can keep it he says with a nod.” Onar knows little of the man in the glass, not even a name, only that he has been seen entering the Lyrander compound in Fairhaven numerous times, typically once a week for the past month. A side profile of the man can be seen at the Lyrander compound gate in Fairhaven. He wears a nondescript brown cloak pulled over this head. His right profile is barely visible but he appears to be a slim human man, maybe in his early to mid 20’s. He has a slightly hawkish nose but is otherwise indistinguishable. He appears to be talking to a middle-age guard behind the gate.

He continues, “About a month ago we started hearing rumors that someone was in Fairhaven trying to….unload something. We’re not quite sure what that something is yet…possibly some artifact which is why we’re (The Wayfinder Foundation) interested. But we suspect he’s the seller.”

He offers 500 gold for any information on this man. He warns you against going to the Wayfinder Foundation to deliver the information but instead refers you to a contact. "On Market Street two blocks from our Fairhaven guildhall is a crystal vendor, a river elf by the name of Valer. Tell him, ‘The crystals sparkle in the sun.’ He’ll get word to me and I’ll find you. Just keep your eyes on the mark in the meantime.”



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