Door Ajar

Zor (Thursday), Dravago (May) 19th,

Traveling to the University of Wynarn in Fairhaven you are directed to a professor of Xen’drik studies, Marcus Arland. You arrive at his office to find the door slightly ajar.

The hinges creek as the door opens. Beyond bottles, books, alchemical equipment and clothing litter the once spotless room. A solitary figure, appearing to be Professor Arland with his graying hair, and still as the dead, crouches in the far side of the room, his face buried in the corner.

You investigation finds:
- The door has not been forced open.
- The room has been ransacked but there are also signs of a struggle.
- The rooms window is small and is currently shuttered and barred from the inside.
Arland’s corpse is crouched facing the northwest corner of the room. The PC’s must move the body out of the corner to get a better look.
- The eyes of Arland’s corpse are open wide and his facial muscles are locked in a visage of agony and fright. The front of his shirt is torn open and has spots of blood on it.
- He grips a dagger stiffly in his right hand. The dagger has a bone hilt etched with strange writing.
- Carved into the skin and muscle of Arland’s chest are the words, “wellspring of evil…”
- Given the dried blood on the dagger and the angle of the cuts on Arland’s chest, it’s obvious that he carved the message in his own skin but the cuts are too shallow to be the cause of death.
- A DC 14 Heal check can reveal that rigor mortis has set in. Arland has been dead for at least 4 hours.
- Dungeoneering/History 8 for goblins or orcs/Dungeoneering/History 14 for other races – Examination of the dagger determines that it is of orcish design. Religion 14 or ritual determines that the strange runes on the hilt are religious symbols venerating the Three Sisters.

Scattered around the room are Arland’s possession. PC’s can find a waterskin, Arland’s identification papers, a sunrod and 25 gold pieces in a brown pouch. Also in the pouch is a scrap of paper with the following address scrawled on it: 12 Princes Way.

- A DC 10 Streetwise or History check will recognize the address as being just east of Fairhold. The area is home to many royal and affluent Fairhaven citizens.
- PC’s also find a small notebook Inside are various notes and dates including shopping list, lecture ideas, appointments and poetry. The entry for yesterday is hastily scratched in and reads, “My find today is incredible. It goes to show you have quickly everything can change.”



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