Haldo Quen and the Puppeteer

You travel to Whitehaven Hall on the university campus to meet with Haldo Quen. You are told he is in a meeting and cannot be disturbed but after a long wait convince the staff you must see him at once. Just outside his office you here a peculiar conversation:

Quen: I will tell them that Arland was working for Professor Bartell. With the rumors surrounding his death, that should keep them busy and give us time to work on the experiment.

Other Voice: Professor Bartell. Ah…yessss…excellent. Quite inventive. It shoud buy us the time we need.

Calling Haldo’s bluff you learn:
- that he is a member of the Xen’drik Society, a campus club dedicated to all things Xen’drik. — He had been talking to Professor Codedul via a messenger homunculus, a metal raven.
- Under pressure he divulges that the Society recently came across information regarding the lair of a famous dragon, Valenbrax. Very little is known about Valenbrax which is why the possibility of a new discovery is so exciting.
- He is working for another university professor, Davik Codedul.
- They are working on an experiment that would attempt to locate the lair and worry that any investigation into Arland’s death would lead to trouble and delay the experiment.
- He knows nothing about Arland’ death and claims Codedul is innocent as well.
- Marcus Arland was helping Codedul but Haldo is unsure of the nature of the work.



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