Meeting Enlo

Mol, Dravago (May) 16th, 998 C.Y.

The party begins their search for the Mark. With little to go on but a brief description and a sideways glance frozen into a dragonshard you begin your search. Camping the Lyrander enclave in Fairhaven you overhear information that one of the Captains of the Lyrander enclave, Enlo D’Lyrander may be able to shed some light on who or where the Mark is. You follow him from his post one evening to his favorite watering hole, Mercy’s Pub. The party approaches him but he grows suspicious and bars the door. A fight ensues and Enlo puts up a vicious fight but after defeat he yields no clues and it soon becomes clear that you have made a deadly enemy.

What you learned about Enlo D’Lyrander:

Streetwise 8: Although Enlo does bare the dragonmark of House Lyrandar, he is not high in the bloodline and may be a distant cousin of some other ranking member of the house.

Streetwise 10: Enlo served both Aundair and House Lyrandar in varying capacities during the Last War. He is considered a war hero.

Streetwise/Diplomacy 14 – Although not every street vendor is chatty, you find one or two who carefully reveal that the Captain of the Gate is Enlo Selavash d’Lyrander. They quickly follow up that, “You didn’t get the information from me. You don’t want to cross Enlo.”

Streetwise/History 14: Enlo courageously led his battalion in many valiant attacks against Thrane during the closing years of the Last War. He served in the northern theatre near Thaliost. He became known as the Lyrandar Devil by Thranish soldiers.

Streetwise/Diplomacy 18 – Enlo has a favorite watering hole called Mercy’s Pub. A small dive that has only been around for a year or so.



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