Meeting Jasmine Chandler

While you are investigating the death of Marcus Arland there is a knock on the door. One of Arland’s students has come to rouse him for a lecture. Worrying you might be implicated in the murder you banter around a few ideas to avoid blame before opening the door only for Skywatcher to see a familiar face from his past, Jasmine Chandler. From her you learn the following:

– Arland has been a professor here for ten years. He specializes in Xen’drick literature and culture.
– Arland was known for a snarky remarks and wisecracks. He always seemed unhappy and dour. He never liked to take orders, especially from those his junior.
– He is a Cryan expatriot.
– He was known to occasionally go on a drinking binge. His hangovers would only worsen his temper.
– He often consulted with another professor, Buko Bartell, an expert in Khorvarian Dragons.
– He was always resentful of research assignments given to him by the university.
– He was often spotted at a tavern close to the university called The Waynarn Well.
– He has been very secretive of late and may have been working on a project with another professor.

Jasmine offers to alert the authorities and buy you time to continue your investigation. She refers you to the gnome, Haldo Quen, the secretary overseeing Arland’s assignment at the University.



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