On The Road Again...Errr. Maybe...

From Grant Merton’s tower 25 miles outside of Fairhaven you again mount up for a trip back the capital only to find a welcoming committee. Fairhaven militiamen seem to be on the look-out for a party similiar to your trying to escape the city. Not expecting you to be running back from whence you came you are able to sneak and talk your way through the gate and into Fairhaven where you attempt to catch up with the Red 5 train. Also, it has left some two hours before and one of the passengers has the book “Dragons of Xen’drik”.

Seeking to catch up you remember a “friend-of-a-friend”, Merriam Mirkweather who owns his own elemental airship, the Open Sky. You barter your way onto his vessel and set out for the city of Passage. Not long into the trip and ship appears in the sky, “The Interceptor” a Lyrander ship who is intent on boarding the Open Sky and placing you under arrest. An battle in the sky begins and you successfuly capture Enlo D’Lyrander and The Interceptor.



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