Professor Davik Codedul

The Xen’drik Society hall is easy enough to find. It is a small, ramshackle affair on the corner of Princes Way. The building, while technically part of Wynarn University, appears to have been a shop converted into a small lecture hall and possibly a residence for Professor Codedul.

A small flight of crooked and creaky stairs lead to an unstable porch. Paint peels from the siding of this building and boards have replaced at least one window. The front door of the building sports a hastily scrawled note that states, “Lectures Cancelled Until Further Notice.”

The door isn’t locked. Inside a few students lounge around. You meet one by the name of Alex and tell them all to scram. Inside is a former workshop converted to a lecture hall with a few desks scattered about. The slate chalk boards are crammed with maps, hastily drawn diagrams and other notes relating to past lectures. Scribed in the center of one chalk board is are the very same words you read from the note to Ishon Wheelwright:

“Waiting to die I can only wonder; have we once again been forsaken. On the rarest of nights I can still catch glimpses of it. My work, I have given a lifetime to protect and it may all soon be undone…..

Galifar was a fool and so is his descendant, this King Jarot…


They say I have the blood of the ancestor and for that I must be destroyed. I will be the wellspring of evil."

You are surprised by the sound of footsteps on the stairs behind you. "Mysterious isn’t it? Little is known about Valenbrax, not even his color. He was very elusive it seems.”

The man is tall and thin. He looks haggard with pox-marked skin and a five-o’clock shadow. He wears a long, black, high collared jacket favored by you and more fashionable professors but unlike other faculty you have seen this one wears a longsword at his side.

I was sad to hear of my friend Marcus Arland’s death. He was a good and kind man and I’ll miss him. Arland was looking for a rare book for me, “Dragons of Xen’drik”. He thought he might have tracked down a copy at the home of a book collector named Grant Merton. That was last night. I can give you the address.

Codedul’s description of Marcus Arland doesn’t coincide with Jasmine Chandler’s. He attempts to flee but you surround him only to see him transform into an old hag. In a quick fight you put her down.



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