The Mark Found

Wir (Wednesday), Dravago (May) 18th,

On the 5th day of scouring the city of Fairhaven for the scantist of leads, your endurance pays off as you spy the Mark moving through the crowd bound for the Lyrander enclave. The party decides to approach him after he does business in the enclave.

Upon his exit you attempt to find out what he knows but spook him. He bolts down a side street darting and weaving his way through the busy city streets. On the wall of the Lyrander compound you see the guards point in your direction. They begin to hurry off the wall and the gate begins to open.

Racing through the busy city streets you catch up with him. His name is Ishon Wheelwright and he has been tasked with brokering a deal with House Lyrander. He reluctantly gives you message from his employer in exchange for his freedom. It reads:


Hope things are well in Fairhaven.

Xen’drik is an awful place. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope it is not too much longer before you come to an agreement with House Lyrander so I can return. I can hold for a good price but I wear thin. Let them know I grow impatient.

While exploring the caverns I came across something unusual, a little carved out nook. Inside a book badly ravaged by the elements lay open. I could scarcely turn the pages without them crumbling and the ink was a blotty mess.

I’ve jotted down a few words below. Take them to the University of Wynarn and see if some professor can decipher their meaning. It might help me determine what I’ve stumbled upon.

I look forward to your reply.

Marcus Garber

(In Draconic, broken)

“Waiting to die I can only wonder; have we once again been forsaken. On the rarest of nights I can still catch glimpses of it. My work, I have given a lifetime to protect and it may all soon be undone…..

Galifar was a fool and so is his descendant, this King Jarot…


They say I have the blood of the ancestor and for that I must be destroyed. I will be the wellspring of evil.

As you begin to make your way through the city streets, the crowd begins to part…..



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