Train To Catch

With two elemental airships at their disposal the party struggled too find common ground on what to do with their newfound mobility. It was eventually decided to have the Open Sky tow the Interceptor to a hidden location in the Chanth Wood. Detaining Enlo and the crew of the Interceptor aboard the Open Sky, Alvis discovers an arrest warrant and bounty for the party with all members listed by name. Enlo warns him that until their innocense is proven they will never be able to show their faces in Fairhaven again.

As the towing operation begins, it quickly becomes a deadly affair. Although Captain Mirkweather is an experienced sailor, his crew was cut down in the battle with The Interceptor and he now has novices aboard. The flight does not go well and The Interceptor and Open Sky, now tethered together threaten to crash into each other until the tether breaks and The Interceptor begins to dive to the round 500 feet below.

Realizing the destruction of The Interceptor would mean even more trouble for the party, Skywatcher grabs Alvis and leaps of the Open Sky diving onto the deck of the Interceptor where he and Alvis russle the ship to a rough landing outside of the Chanth Wood.

Short on time, the Open Sky swoops in to pick up Alvis and Skywatcher and attempt to catch up with the Red Five train bound for Passage. After two hours the party spies the train moving into a thick fog. As Mirkweather begins to move the ship into position, Skywatcher leaps across with a rope ladder and Alvis teleports to assist. As Doran attempts the perilous move across and slips, dangling between the speeding lightning rail and airship. Just then, crossbow bolts shoot past them into the darkness as a party of orcs bearing similiar markings to those in Grant Merton’s tower make themselves known.

Defeating the orcs and saying a quick goodbye to the Open Sky, the party begins to delve the rail.

o Captured the Interceptor airship, Enlo D’Lyrander, crew, captain, etc.
o Open Sky crew was pretty much obliterated
• Enlo was taken below and questioned. A warrant was found naming all
persons excluding Benjamin Broadbelly
• The decision was made to tow the Interceptor down to a hidden
location near Chanth Wood.
• As events took a turn for the worse, Skywatcher and Alvis flew
miraculously to the Interceptor and miraculously landed the airship.
Unfortunately it landed in an open field out Chanth Wood.
• After regrouping on the Open Sky, the adventurers headed to Passage.
• It is decided that the adventurer’s would attempt to board the
lighting rail from the Open Sky.
• As the airship came up along-side train, the Open Sky ran into
problems and the adventurer’s had to make a quick escape and get to
the train.
• As the adventurer’s boarded the train, a battle ensued with several
Orcs (600 xp).
• Four jars are found on the larger orcs, some sort of herbal paste
(herbal poultice +4 hp on resting healing surge).
• Between the remaining bodies, 100 gp were found.
• On one orc, a dagger is found similar to the one found on Markus
Arland. It venerates the Three Daughters of Sora Kel
• A short rest was taken.
• After attempting to eavesdrop in on the caboose, it was decided to
break in and ask for tickets. Alvis encountered another “conductor”.
Backing out of the room, the party moved on to the boxcar.
• The party leaped its way onto the roof of the boxcar. Inside a
large 10×10 crate was seen, but not thoroughly investigated. The
party moved on to a “recreation” car.
• Inside the recreation car, Gerrard spoke with a guard and learned
about the Emissary. The guard questioned Gerrard and also noted that
there were “several old ladies” on board.
o Lord Heri ir’Vessin – Emissary from Karnath
o Murzos d’Orion – Lightning Rail Guard
• Murzos gave the party legitimate tickets for the Red 5 train.
• Extras
o 180 xp for failed skill challenge

Total Experience earned this session per PC: 780.



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