Race: Human, Male Class: Invoker Age: 37

Doran stands about six feet tall, has a mop of brown hair and is usually seen carrying a staff. What many feel he lacks in social graces is usually a misinterpretation of Doran’s tendancy to become lost in thought. Dedidcated and determined in all he puts his mind to, Don rarely lets a task go unfinished and will face overwhelming odds to prove his strength within.


A devoted follower of The Blood of Vol, Doran invokes powers not from a deity, but the very divinity found within his blood.

Doran was raised by his father, a veteran warrior who taught him the teachings and beliefs of the followers of The Blood of Vol. Upon reaching adulthood, Don was encouraged to venture out into the world to find the power within himself. His father did not think this possible within the bounds of Aundair. With his studies and training behind him, Doran ventured into the world.

Years have passed, and after a several months long journey, Doran returned to his father’s residence in Aundair to find his father dead. His corpse was torn and left completely void of blood. Beside his father’s corpse was a small, tightly sealed vial with a note reading, “The crimson power was meant to be consumed”.

Searching the residence, Doran found a hidden compartment with his father’s journal. The entries detailed the life-long quest of Doran’s father to find an unnamed enemy, who he simply referred to as “the ancestor”. Whether this is a literal ancestor of the family or something more austere is unknown.

The entries in his father’s journal told of a scion of the practitioners of The Blood of Vol who took an evil, darker path towards the goal of immortality. Don’s father was searching for clues to eliminate this threat, but may have gotten too close.


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