Easton Bois

He bears a secret and an ancient artifact.


Of medium height and slim build, Easton is a human in his late 60’s. His skin is very pale and his hair and beard white. He wears a beaten leather cap and brown, roughspun robes.

Little is know about Bois as this time. He was found amongst a group of Cyran refugees living in a small camp on Lake Cyre. His intentions seem noble, though.

Months later you come across Bois again, this time a prisoner of a mercanary band of orcs in Gran’t Merton’s tower. The artifact he was carrying, an ancient schema, was a ruse for which Bois was badly beaten for and would cost him his life. But not before he passed on his secret and the location of the book, Dragon’s of Xen’Drik.

Easton Bois

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