Gerrard d'Orien

Human ardent of House Orien.


Character Name: Gerrard d’Orien aka Jerren Orthus (traveling alias) Race: Human Class: Ardent Age: 23 Eberron Background Chosen: Orien Smuggler

Gerrard is 6’tall, and 180 lbs, and is lightly muscled, but only of average strength. He has dirty blond hair and a beard. He wears chain mail armor that is silver with purple highlights, as are the gauntlets that he wears. His main weapon is a halberd that has a purple banner attached to it. He has the Mark of Passage on his upper right arm and shoulder area.


Gerrard d’Orien was born into House Orien, living much of his youth in the Orien enclave in Passage, on the shores of Lake Galifar in Aundair. He discovered in his youth that he was different, being able to do things with his mind only, things that made the people around him, his friends and allies, have more of a presence, both diplomatically and intimidating. Gerrard also learned that he was able to mentally encourage others to do more than they thought they could, that he could help them push through pain, to ignore wounds, and to get back up and continue on.

As a member of House Orien, he was trained to be a diplomat, but Gerrard was not content with being a diplomat. He trained long, arduous hours to learn to fight with a halbard, and continued to work on his social abilities. Never one to be content with sitting and only talking, Gerrard managed to talk his way into the “non-existent” branch of House Orien, and became a smuggler. Through the end of the Last War, Gerrard helped lead his band of merry smugglers on many different missions, smuggling goods, supplies, magical and alchemical reagents and objects, and even people to different areas and power groups all over Khorvaire. He adopted and uses the pseudonym of Jerren Orthus.

On one such mission to the Talenta Plains, Gerrard encountered a half-orc named Jhorgun Toothslayer, a wandering barbarian, who tried to coerce the band into letting him travel with them. The band seemed reluctant to let the half-orc join them, and Hanceg then offered to share with them some of the Lyrandar secrets he had learned. At this point, Darius One-Eye showed up, leading a band of Halfling riding clawfoot dinosaurs. The thought was quickly erased from his mind when his band and the half-elf were savagely attacked by a roaming band of Halfling raiders on their clawfoot dinosaurs attacked them. The band and the half-orc were savagely attacked by a roaming band of Halfling raiders on their clawfoot dinosaurs attacked them. With Hanceg’s help, the Orien band was able to defeat the Halfling raiders, and in the process, Gerrard and Hanceg both learned of each other’s secret: that Gerrard was a member of the smuggling arm of Orien (which is not a commonly known fact) and that Hanceg was not a half-orc, but was in fact a changeling. Gerrard became aware of Hanceg’s abberant dragonmark when Hanceg’s shirt was ripped open by a dinosaur talon during the battle. The pair became stalwart allies and friends, and have been traveling together ever since, making an extra coin where possible, smuggling goods to and from where ever they needed to, searching for adventure and avoiding House Lyrandar and Darius One-Eye when needed.

Gerrard has many contacts across Khorvaire, and is willing to smuggle anything that House Orien feels is worth it. He does tend to have a soft spot for those in need, and will go out of his way to help those in need (in a Robin Hood-esque manner).

Gerrard d'Orien

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