Name: Hanceg Gergan Race: Changling, Male. Posses as a Half-Elf. Class: Sorcerer, Storm Age: 29

Hanceg blends into his environment as needed and chooses forms based on the situation and who maybe tracking him and his multiple personas. Hanceg wears mostly dark colored clothing and nothing that would make him stand out too much in a crowd of people.


Hanceg does not recall much of his early life. He knows that he grew up on Newthrone in Q’Barra, but does not know who his parents were. He was raised by some unsavory humans, who were only interested in Hanceg for his ability to take any face or race. He was trained in the art of thievery. His ability to change his form made Hanceg a natural rogue and he soon joined the Newthronian thieves’ guild. What few knew was that inside Hanceg lay the untapped fury of a storm. Shortly after growing into adolescence, Hanceg began showing signs of arcane power. His actions were often accompanied by sudden thunder claps or lightning which would leap from cloud to cloud. That’s when Hanceg noticed that he began developing something across his upper right arm. It slowly developed into what he learned was a dragonmark! This shocked Hanceg, as it was knowledge that only half-elves associated with the Dragonmarked House of Lyrandar possessed such marks.

The Newthronian thieves’ guild was unaware of these events, but one evening, a halfing assassin by the name of Darius Farquill noticed the Hanceg’s dragonmark. He questioned Hanceg about it and threatened to divulge Hanceg’s secret to the guild and House Lyrandar if he didn’t co-operate with Darius. Hanceg reluctantly agreed, but then when he was sent out on a “job”, Hanceg took the liberty of changing his face and attempted to leave. Hanceg was unaware though that Darius had planned for this and had a magical tracking ritual prepared. Darius pursued Hanceg to the village of Wyrmwatch, where Hanceg had a brief confrontation with Darius, costing Darius his left eye. Hanceg made his way to Taer Shantara, posing as a Valenar elf, barely staying ahead of Darius, now going by Darius One-Eye. Hanceg made his way to Norinath, now posing as a half-elf, where he was seen by some lower members of House Lyrandar. A brief glimpse of the Dragonmark on his upper arm, and the half-elves quickly “captured” Hanceg and he was taken to Taer Valaestas, and to the manor home of Fanus d’Lyrandar. Hanceg was taken in as a “long lost” member of House Lyrandar, newly discovered, and was given protection from his pursuer.

Hanceg was put to work on an elemental gallion, and worked trade routes all over Khorvaire, gleaning some of the secrets of House Lyrandar, putting them away for future use (and profit!). One night, while the elemental galleon Helios was docked in Zhephyr Keep, Hanceg was in his room. Fanus confronted Hanceg for selling secrets and trade routes of the Lyrandar house and tried to kill Hanceg. Hanceg, using his sorcerous powers, escaped Fanus and attempted to flee Zhephyr Keep. Hanceg found out through his gnome contact Saulmut Lightfoot that Darius Farquill was the person who told Fanus.

As only Hanceg’s luck would have it, as he attempted to leave Zhephyr Keep he ran into Darius One-Eye. A brief slip and a look of surprise and fear from Hanceg was all it took for Darius to realize that his prey was again within his grasp. Hanceg fled Zhephyr Keep, with Darius and Fanus (who swore to use his House’s influence to find and kill Hanceg) both vowing pursuit and death.

As Hanceg made his way across the Talenta Plains, he encountered what seemed to be a band of traveling merchants also heading away from Zephyr Keep, towards Gatherhold. Still in the guise of a half-orc named Jhorgun Toothslayer, a wandering barbarian, who tried to coerce the band into letting him travel with them. This is where he made the acquaintance of Gerrard d’Orien, who was traveling under the name Jerren Orthus. The band seemed reluctant to let the half-orc join them, and Hanceg then offered to share with them some of the Lyrandar secrets he had learned. At this point, Darius One-Eye showed up, leading a band of Halfling riding clawfoot dinosaurs. The band and the half-orc were savagely attacked by a roaming band of Halfling raiders on their clawfoot dinosaurs attacked them. With Hanceg’s help, the Orien band was able to defeat the Halfling raiders, and in the process, Gerrard and Hanceg both learned of each other’s secret: that Gerrard was a member of the smuggling arm of Orien (which is not a commonly known fact) and that Hanceg was not a half-orc, but was in fact a changeling. Gerrard became aware of Hanceg’s abberant dragonmark when Hanceg’s shirt was ripped open by a dinosaur talon during the battle. The pair became stalwart allies and friends, and have been traveling together ever since, making an extra coin where possible, smuggling goods to and from where ever they needed to, searching for adventure and avoiding House Lyrandar and Darius One-Eye when needed.


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