Skywatcher of Dol Dorn

Golaith monk


Character Name: Skywatcher of Dol Dorn Race: Goliath Class: Monk Eberron Background Chosen: Talenta Plains (+2 Athletics)

Skywatcher is an extraordinarily tall and fit Goliath. He’s wearing minimal roman style traveling robes, although he lacks the sandals or normal shoes, instead he prefers to travel barefoot. Like most goliaths, Skywatcher is bald and maximizes the exposure of his skin “blotches” which seem to have a swoosh style motive and even when he is still it gives him the appearance of movement. Although simply geared he has a large well-worn backpack that seems overly stuff as though he’s spent the better part of his life living out of the pack.


Skywatcher was born while his family was out traveling away from their clan-home. They were returning to their mountain home when their small caravan was attacked by a murder of rocs. His parents and traveling companions were slain and carried off. He was picked up by another traveling troop, a family of Halfling traders. They took the child to a local monastery located along the North-Eastern side of the “End of World” Mountains, the Monastery of the Rising Sun. The monastery is dedicated to the brother gods Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn. There he was raised to embrace the doctrines of both churches: perfection in one’s body and mind, dedication to his fellow “man”, self-sacrifice and intolerance of evil or darkness. Skywatcher always gravitated more towards the teachings of Dol Dorn and worked tirelessly in perfecting his strength, stamina and agility. He constantly strives to better himself. While at the monastery he befriended a fellow orphan; <neal>. Just like himself, the shifter was not only an orphan but an outsider by race and so they stuck together, training and learning and constantly competing with each other (friendly competition). The monastery also instilled upon him the need to explore the world, to see all the lands graced by the sun and to bring light, hope and grace to the dark places. This fell right in line with his races’ natural wanderlust. At the age of 19 he had his first opportunity to truly travel. The monastery was sending representatives to a Cyre refugee encampment that had grown up around a sister monastery on the edge of Lake Cyre. That began his adventuring career. Since then, Skywatcher and Whisper spent the last two years traveling around the exterior of the Mournlands helping out the different settlements and collecting stories about the Mournlands. Their most recent trip took them to Fairhaven where they escorted a group of arcanists that were investigating the Mournlands, back to their school. Because neither Skywatcher nor Whisper had been to a large city before they’ve decided to stay around for a while to see what they can learn.

Skywatcher of Dol Dorn

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