Tag: Fairhaven


  • Burris Atwater

    Atwater seems to run a lucrative shipping business along the Aundair River. He also acts as a broker of sorts matching discreet patrons with swords for hire. He has helped arrange a meeting with Onar Baird and the PC's on his son, Alton's recommendation.

  • Enlo D'Lyrander

    Enlo courageously led his battalion in many valiant attacks against Thrane during the closing years of the Last War. He served in the northern theatre near Thaliost. He became known as the Lyrandar Devil by Thranish soldiers. He currently serves as the …

  • Ishon Wheelwright

    A human in his mid-twenties, Ishon has a thin but tall build and a hawkish nose. From what you've learned of him, he works for an adventurer/antiquities collector by the name of Marcus Garber. Garber is in Xendrik on a new find that may have some value …