It Begins at the End of the World

A Prelude for Whisper and Skywatcher

Zol, Sypheros 3rd, 997 C.Y.
Location: Monastery of the Rising Sun, End of The World Mountain range.

Rising from evening vespers you both make your way to the dining hall. The halls of the Monastery of the Rising Sun are peaceful; the only sound is the rustle of your robes on the floor and the chirp of sparrows in the garden. Passing monks give a curtly nod but then continue on in their duties.

You take your seats in the dining hall. The fire in the hearth warms your back against the autumn chill. You both say a silent prayer and are quickly served by a young acolyte. You are engrossed in your meal when Master Allister Faust takes a seat on the bench next to you.

“Good evening my sister and brother.”

Your backs stiffen and you stop chewing your food. This is unusual. Master Faust does not normally join his fellow monks for dinner, preferring to take his meals in his quarters. You hastily mumble a quick “Evening Master,” your mouths filled with food.

Master Faust folds his hands on the table. “I have a task for the both of you. As you know our brothers and sisters at our monastery on Lake Cyre tends to a Cyran refugee camp along it’s outskirts. Despite our best efforts, this community of refugees has failed to thrive. Seventy-five or so refugees have requested our assistance in relocating to New Cyre in Breland, via Kraken Bay. The Monastery of Lake Cyre cannot spare any of its members for this task, which is why I’m giving it to you. You are to see them safely to their destination.”

Again in unison your reply, “Yes, Master.”

Faust allows a faint smile to spread across his thin lips. “Good. Amongst the refugees, you will find a blind Arenenal woman, Analla. She has a young child. Pay special attention to her and the baby. See that they meet Brother Ostego in New Cyre. He shall care for them from there. You leave in the morning.”

With that he stands, leans over the table, and kisses you both on the forehead. “May Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn guide you, may they protect you and may their truth light your way into the darkness. May they keep you safe.” With this blessing he leaves you to stare at each other across your plates.



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