Out of Sharn

Scoundrels Need Work Too

Zol, Sypheros 3rd, 997 C.Y.
Location: Sharn, City of Towers, Firelight district.

A loud knock on the door wakes the both of you from your slumber. The warforged warrior Dicarius, who never sleeps, grabs his sword and moves to the door before either one of you has lifted your heads from the pillow. Still groggy from last night’s festivities, Gerrard, slowly pulls himself from his bed and grabs his dagger from the belt slung on the foot of the bed. In the early morning light he almost stumbles over Hanceg, who sleepily slaps his foot away from his face, “Hey! Watch it.”

Moving next to the warforged, Gerrard grumpily shouts through the door, “Who is it!?”

“Sivis Courrier Service. I have a message for a Jerren Orthus and Alvis Kanan,” comes the muffled reply.

With this, Hanceg stirs from bed and moves to the back of the room and readies a quick spell. Gerrard moves in front of the warforged and cracks open the door. His eyes struggle to adjust to the darkness in the hallway. It takes him a couple of seconds to realize he must look down. There, no higher than his knees is a young gnome messenger waving a piece of parchment. “Papers please,” the gnome, says cheerily. Hanceg grabs Gerrard’s false identification papers from the desk and tosses them to him from across the room.

Snatching them from the air, Gerrard flips them in front of the gnomes face. “Very well,” the gnome replies. “Here you go. Have a nice day.” With a yawn Gerrard closes the door.

“What does it say?” Dicarius asks in a deep mechanical tone.

Gerrard opens the letter and begins to read aloud.

“Jerren Orthus and Alvis Kanan and company,

Considering you have been languishing in Sharn the past few days I can only assume you are broke and available for work.

Along the southern coast of Lake Cyre in Valenar is a small Cyran refugee camp. Some of these refugees will be moving to New Cyre in Breland very soon via Kraken Bay. Among them is an old man by the name of Easton Bois. He has a very important artifact. See that both of them make it safely to New Cyre.

We will negotiate a fair and reasonable price for your service upon completion as we always do.

Halen Jornus



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